Features of Internet Tickets

Slno Questions I Tickets E Tickets
1. Can these tickets booked online ? Yes Yes
2. Max No of passengers booked per ticket 6. 6.
3. Can Wait listed tickets booked ? Yes Yes
4. Can RAC tickets booked ? Yes Yes
5. Can Confirmed tickets booked ? Yes Yes
6. Max time limit upto which tickets can be booked ? before 2/3 clear days upto chart preparation
7. Is name change permissible ? Yes - as per Name change rules of Railways Yes - as per Name change rules of Railways
8. Is Journey Alterations permissible ? Yes - as per Journey Alteration rules of Railways No
9. Is Change of boarding point permissible ? Yes - as per Railway Rules Yes - as per Railway Rules
10 Can cancellation be done across counters ? Yes - as per Normal Railway Procedure No
11. Cancellation Online - Before Charting No Yes - Only Online
12. Cancellation Online - After charting No - Obtain TDR from Any Station and apply Refunds No - Email to be sent to etickets@irctc.co.in immediately
13. Can both Credit card and debit card be used for booking ? Yes Yes
14. Can Partial Cancellation be done before charting ? Yes - across counter as per normal Railway Rules Yes
15. Is ID Proof Required for Booking ? No No at the time of booking but required during train journey - valid Id as listed in Website
16. Service Charges for booking per tickets
(max 6 passengers)
Rs.40/- for SL,2S and Rs.60 for all other Upper classes plus service tax IRCTC levies a service charge of Rs.10/- (Second / Sleeper) and Rs.20/-per e-ticket in case of all other classes(1AC,2AC,3AC,CC,3E,FC) plus service tax irrespective of the number of passengers booked on an e-ticket.
17. email address care@irctc.co.in etickets@irctc.co.in (For cancellation of e-tickets)
18. Authority to Travel Original tickets issued by Railways Electronic Reservation Slip - printed in standard stationery/VRM/SMS sent by IRCTC along with the original ID of one of the passenger traveling on a PNR.
19. Booking Hours 12.30 am to 11.30 pm. 12.30 am to 11.30 pm.
20. Max no of Bookings per month 10 10
21. Can more than single leg journey be booked ? No No
22. Can Concessions be booked Only Senior Citizen Concession Only Senior Citizen Concession
23. Can Tatkal be booked No Yes
24. What are the Quotas that can be booked ? GN - General, LD - Ladies GN - General, LD - Ladies, CK - Tatkal Quota
25. Does payment made confirms booking of tickets ? No - Only tickets available in Booked Tickets link confirms booking No - Only tickets available in Booked Tickets link confirms booking
26. How to Locate the tickets ? go to Track Your Ticket go to Reprint your Ticket
27. What if I Lost my ticket ? Duplicate ticket issued at Railway Reservation Counter as per normal Rules The ERS/VRM/SMS sent by IRCTC along with the ID proof in original would be verified by TTE with the name and PNR on the chart. If the passenger fails to produce/display ERS/VRM/SMS sent by IRCTC due to any eventuality (loss, discharged mobile/laptop, etc) but has the prescribed original proof of identity, a penalty of Rs. 50/- per ticket as applicable to such cases will be levied. The ticket checking staff on train/at station will give EFT for the same.